Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I wonder how many people...

I wonder how many people saw a swimming deer, a kingfisher, 4 herons, a jay and 2 dippers on their commute to work this morning?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


.. I know I wasn't going to post anything else boring this week but ....

My legs are knackered! Tomorrow's going to be hard and Thursday, Friday more so.

Also, I've just remembered we're cycling the footpath to Skipton on Saturday with the Scouts .... :|

Riding again.

Well, back in the saddle after 4 weeks.

Maybe it's just because I was tired after my camping holiday but my legs were slow today. Surely it can't still be tiredness from the Liverpool to Leeds trip !?!

Lovely sunny morning though and incredibly wet under foot which made for an enjoyable and muddy ride in.

Kit washed in the shower and hung outside to dry before tonight's trip home. It really adds something to the look of the office car park!

Will try to cycle every day this week but I promise not to update the blog with boring nonsense every afternoon (just today) !