Commute Map

So, I get on near Shipley and off at Whitehall Road.


  1. Hello

    I am staying in Silsden at Easter and am planning on taking the bike. Please can you advise of state of towpath for cycling, (on a trail bike), between Silsden and Skipton and Silsden and Bradford? Thank you

  2. Hi

    The towpath between Silsden and Skipton isn't great but it's easily "cyclable". I last traveled that way at the end of the Summer with a group of young Scouts. They managed fine.

    A lot of the path is on grass and consequently the cycle track is quite deeply rutted. When it's dry you get stuck in the rut and then easily get kicked up the side and off balance. In the rain you slip slide around and will head towards the bushes because the camber slopes away from the canal. Generally though, most people should have no trouble but it's nowhere near as good as other parts along the canal.

    There is no longer a canal connecting the Leeds Liverpool with Bradford but cycling Silsden to Leeds is a pleasant run. It's a decent path that will get muddy in places but generally has a solid base.

    I hope this is what you were after.