Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Swallowed six flies.
Overtook four people.
Chased by one dog called Max.
Made it up Hollin's hill.

Monday, June 27, 2011


hmmn - sore knee, ice pack not making much difference.
Has Anton over done it?

Hot and bothered.

Couldn't find my headphones this morning but happy enough without my tunes.

Uneventful morning. Nearly ran over a heron but thats about it.

A few dope smokers on the way home and some people diving into the locks.....??!! .... Unbelievable!

Spotted this tranquil scene...

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I think I am probably saving 30p per mile by not driving (fuel, wear and tear etc) so... when my counter (over there on the right) gets to 1000 miles I'm riding into profit........


He wasn't there! Dickhead :)

3 rides in this week. Legs completely dead. Intake of calories through the roof. Will see what impact 96 miles a week has on weight. Currently 192 pounds....

Ridiculous headwind each night on the way home. Thought I would start rolling backwards at one point.

A song by Elbow made me laugh yesterday! One of OH's favourite tracks came on but as it rose to the chorus the heavens opened just as they sang... "It's looking like a beautiful day..."  .. ha! laughing out loud as I cycled through the rain and mud.

.... and on that note about mud.... I have showered in my cycling kit each morning to try and get it clean. Found a nice space between the office bins to get it dried. Nice routine!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


**Anton hopes that the dickhead he called a cock for deliberately not moving out of the way isn't there again tonight**

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wow.. look..?

.... Anton's gone all fancy with a widget showing his stats.
Let's see if it works tomorrow.
I have been eating like a horse all weekend, so I'll be the sluggish one on the towpath in the morning - give me a wave! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of week 1

Well, the temperature was down from Tuesday - you could tell because far fewer topless chavs out and about on the towpath.

Strong headwind away from Leeds slowed me down a bit.

Apologies to the lady cyclist near Rodley who had a flat.... I should have offered to help but I wanted to get home to see the kids. I promise, that if I see anyone else with a puncture, ever, I'll ask them if they need a hand (probably!?!)

Pretended to stop and look at a foal half way up Hollin's Hill but actually I was just knackered. Embarrassingly a jogger then passed me as I cycled up to the top in 100th gear.   :)

Day 3

Easier today..... got properly wet and muddy which was good.

Starting to get a bit too competitive with my overtaking though and i splashed a couple of joggers with my aggressive puddle work..... need to slow down and look around more....  but it was fun....

Now sitting at desk and must work.  :(

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chav City

Makes you proud... NOT!
Well, tonight's ride home was a surprise. A beautiful evening but the lovely sunny weather certainly brings the crowds onto the canal.... it was all about cycling etiquette and dodging the crowds but there were also scores of topless (possibly jobless) lager drinking, dope smoking, oiks loitering and fishing on my scenic journey out of Leeds.  What's that all about? Aren't they meant to be in parks or something? Not on my canal?!

Anyhow, they were interspersed with nicer looking sporty types (some in lycra!) and plenty of dog walkers and families.

Beats the A65!
Interestingly I'd always wondered why cyclists wear poncy wrap around sunglasses even when it's not sunny....... that was until 3 flies scored a direct hit straight into my right eye. I'm sure there's still a leg in there but have given up prodding it for now.


No Kingfisher but lots of stupid ducks. They don't even move out the way. Duck in the pot tonight perhaps?

Oh and what a glorious morning. Overtook my first fellow cyclist!

Ps.. I need a softer saddle.

Monday, June 13, 2011


To break up the monotony I'm going to find try and spy my first Kingfisher.
24 miles along a canal everyday - i've got to see one at some point (other blogs tell me they do exist on this stretch). Surely if there is one I'll spot it......

Bizarrely Google images suggested
this when I searched for Kingfisher!

Friday, June 10, 2011

First Ride

What a PITA!
Puncture 2 miles from Leeds and a broken pump..... means walking!
Nice ride though. Pretty smooth in most parts with great enjoyment whizzing down by the locks.
(won't be such fun on the way home...) Need a new pump and a spare inner tube I think!