Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chav City

Makes you proud... NOT!
Well, tonight's ride home was a surprise. A beautiful evening but the lovely sunny weather certainly brings the crowds onto the canal.... it was all about cycling etiquette and dodging the crowds but there were also scores of topless (possibly jobless) lager drinking, dope smoking, oiks loitering and fishing on my scenic journey out of Leeds.  What's that all about? Aren't they meant to be in parks or something? Not on my canal?!

Anyhow, they were interspersed with nicer looking sporty types (some in lycra!) and plenty of dog walkers and families.

Beats the A65!
Interestingly I'd always wondered why cyclists wear poncy wrap around sunglasses even when it's not sunny....... that was until 3 flies scored a direct hit straight into my right eye. I'm sure there's still a leg in there but have given up prodding it for now.

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