Monday, January 28, 2013

Wow.. ice cycling, the new Olympic sport!

After not making it onto the towpath last week (I did run in one day so wasn't completely lazy) I was back on track this morning.

It was a challenging trip though. After a short delay because of some unexplained clanking on my bike, the towpath at Apperley Bridge was closed. This forced me to reroute up the road towards Sainsburys at Greengates and then head left towards the Stanningley Bypass (two pretty big hills!)

Soon enough I was back onto the towpath at Rodley but it was ice, ice, ice from there on in.

The snow had part melted and then frozen leaving smooth, icy, footprints and bumps across the towpath along large stretches. Eh? I thought eveything was meant to have melted yesterday?!?!

I passed another cyclist walking (as was  soon after) but I kept on pushing it. The two bridges by the marina coming into Leeds were awful and I had to pull myself up them using the handrail before slip sliding back down the other side.

I didn't fall off when I was on the bike but had quite a few close shaves. It was just crazy ice. I was running late and very likely to go crashing into the water so I left the towpath and came down past Armley Prison, tired.

600 calories of porridge sorted me out. See you tomorrow.

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