Sunday, July 22, 2012

More preparation ..

Yeay - less than a week to go. I'm getting quite excited about it all now. Luckily this week at work's pretty busy so hopefully the time will fly by.

I've bought 2 ready to eat meals from GoOutdoors today to add some variety to my Towpath fuel.

All day Breakfast (c400 calories)
Chicken casserole (c400 calories) .. yum?!

My bag's packed. I have decided to use the pack and chest rig I've used for running and cycling for several years. It's a Raidlight Endurance rucksack which can carry plenty of liquid, has enough space for spare kit and is also nicely balanced and never gives me backache (famous last words). I've been practising with a larger rucksack carrying about 5 litres of water to get used to carrying weight.

I also printed off some info this afternoon to help me on my ride.

1) A map for each of the tunnels so I don't get lost navigating around them (double sided and coated with plastic so that they survive in my pack).

2) A route map so that I can have a visual prompt for how far I've got / or not.

3) The mile matrix from (here)

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