Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kit List

This is a list of everything I took with me.
(in no particular order)

Clothing                        Fuel

waterproof trousers        2 x bagels (breakfast)
waterproof jacket           2x preworkout carb bars
waterproof socks           12 energy cereal bars
waterproof gloves           2x ready meals
cycling tights (padded)    Kendal mint cake
spare socks                    Jelly Babies
trainers                           Mars Bar
shorts (to travel in)          5 x Lucozade (500ml) (buy more at Burnley)
wicking top

Medical                        Other
first aid kit                      maps (tunnels & mile matrix)
suncream                        spoon
vaseline (!)                      cards & cash
ibuprofen                        phone
paracetamol                   spare phone battery
toohbrush & paste

Bike Kit
2x inner tubes
tool kit
chain tool
spare chain
2x cables
spare tyre ("folded" up)

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